• Type: defineSoftwareApp(input?: SoftwareApp)
    Describes a SoftwareApp.
  • Component: SchemaOrgSoftwareApp (see how components work)
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defineSoftwareApp({  name: 'Angry Birds',  operatingSystem: 'ANDROID',  applicationCategory: 'GameApplication',  aggregateRating: {    ratingValue: '4.6',    ratingCount: 8864,  },  offers: {    price: '1.00',    priceCurrency: 'USD',  },})


type ApplicationCategory ='GameApplication' |'SocialNetworkingApplication' |'TravelApplication' |'ShoppingApplication' |'SportsApplication' |'LifestyleApplication' |'BusinessApplication' |'DesignApplication' |'DeveloperApplication' |'DriverApplication' |'EducationalApplication' |'HealthApplication' |'FinanceApplication' |'SecurityApplication' |'BrowserApplication' |'CommunicationApplication' |'DesktopEnhancementApplication' |'EntertainmentApplication' |'MultimediaApplication' |'HomeApplication' |'UtilitiesApplication' |'ReferenceApplication'export interface SoftwareAppSimple extends Thing {  '@type'?: Arrayable<'SoftwareApplication' | 'MobileApplication' | 'VideoGame' | 'WebApplication'>  /**   * The name of the app.   */  name?: string  /**   * An offer to sell the app.   * For developers, offers can indicate the marketplaces that carry the application.   * For marketplaces, use offers to indicate the price of the app for a specific app instance.   */  offers: NodeRelations<Offer>  /**   * The average review score of the app.   */  aggregateRating?: NodeRelation<AggregateRating>  /**   * A single review of the app.   */  review?: NodeRelation<Review>  /**   * The type of app (for example, BusinessApplication or GameApplication). The value must be a supported app type.   */  applicationCategory?: ApplicationCategory  /**   * The operating system(s) required to use the app (for example, Windows 7, OSX 10.6, Android 1.6)   */  operatingSystem?: string}