• Type: defineOrganization(input?: Organization)
    Describes an organization (a company, business or institution). Most commonly used to identify the publisher of a WebSite.
  • Component: SchemaOrgOrganization (see how components work)

Required properties

  • name string
    The name of the business.
  • logo SingleImageInput
    Logo image url, can be relative to your site root.
  • sameAs string[]
    An array of URLs that also belong to the Organization



defineOrganization({  name: 'My Site',  logo: '/logo.png',  sameAs: [    '',    '',    '',    '',  ]})


  • @type: Organization
  • @id: ${canonicalHost}#identity
  • url: canonicalHost


See Global Resolves for full context.

  • address as PostalAddress object
  • resolves string urls of logo into a ImageObject with the id of #logo

For example:

defineOrganization({  name: 'Nuxt.js',  logo: '/img/logo.png',})

Will resolve the logo url into an ImageObject with the id of #logo

{  "@context": "",  "@graph": [    {      "@id": "",      "@type": "ImageObject",      "url": ""    },    {      "@id": "",      "@type": "Organization",      "name": "Nuxt.js",      "logo": {        "@id": ""      }    }  ]}


/** * An organization such as a school, NGO, corporation, club, etc. */export interface Organization extends Thing {  /**   * A reference-by-ID to an image of the organization's logo.   *   * - The image must be 112x112px, at a minimum.   * - Make sure the image looks how you intend it to look on a purely white background   * (for example, if the logo is mostly white or gray,   * it may not look how you want it to look when displayed on a white background).   */  logo?: NodeRelation<ImageObject | string>  /**   * The site's home URL.   */  url?: string  /**   * The name of the Organization.   */  name: string  /**   * An array of URLs representing declared social/authoritative profiles of the organization   * (e.g., a Wikipedia page, or Facebook profile).   */  sameAs?: Arrayable<string>  /**   * An array of images which represent the organization (including the logo ), referenced by ID.   */  image?: NodeRelations<ImageObject | string>  /**   * A reference-by-ID to an PostalAddress piece.   */  address?: NodeRelations<PostalAddress>}