• Type: defineItemList(input?: ItemList)

A list of items of any sort. Used for breadcrumbs and carousals mainly.

Required properties

  • itemListElement ListItem
    The item list elements.


export interface ItemListSimple extends Thing {  /**   * Resolved item list   */  itemListElement: NodeRelations<ListItem>  /**   * Type of ordering (e.g. Ascending, Descending, Unordered).   *   * @default undefined   */  itemListOrder?: 'Ascending' | 'Descending' | 'Unordered'  /**   * The number of items in an ItemList.   * Note that some descriptions might not fully describe all items in a list (e.g., multi-page pagination);   * in such cases, the numberOfItems would be for the entire list.   *   * @default undefined   */  numberOfItems?: number}