• Type: defineImage(input?: Image)

Describes an individual image (usually in the context of an embedded media object).

Required properties

  • url string
    The URL of the image file (e.g., /images/cat.jpg).


  • @type: ImageObject
  • @id: ${canonicalUrl}#/schema/image/${hash(image.url)}
  • inLanguage: options.defaultLanguage (only when caption is provided) (see: user Config)
  • contentUrl: is set to url


See Global Resolves for full context.

  • width and height must be provided for either to be included



defineImage({  url: '/cat.jpg',})


export interface ImageSimple extends Thing {  /**   * The URL of the image file (e.g., /images/cat.jpg).   */  url: string  /**   * The fully-qualified, absolute URL of the image file (e.g.,   * Note: The contentUrl and url properties are intentionally duplicated.   */  contentUrl?: string  /**   * A text string describing the image.   * - Fall back to the image alt attribute if no specific caption field exists or is defined.   */  caption?: string  /**   * The height of the image in pixels.   * - Must be used with width.   */  height?: number  /**   * The width of the image in pixels.   * - Must be used with height.   */  width?: number  /**   * The language code for the textual content; e.g., en-GB.   * - Only needed when providing a caption.   */  inLanguage?: string}