• Type: defineCourse(input?: Course)
    Describes a Course.
  • Component: SchemaOrgCourse (see how components work)
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defineCourse({  name: 'Introduction to Computer Science and Programming',  description: 'Introductory CS course laying out the basics.',  provider: {    name: 'University of Technology - Eureka',    sameAs: '',  },})


/** * Any offered product or service. * For example: a pair of shoes; a concert ticket; the rental of a car; * a haircut; or an episode of a TV show streamed online. */export interface CourseSimple extends Thing {  /**   * The title of the course.   */  name: string  /**   * A description of the course. Display limit of 60 characters.   */  description?: string  /**   *  A reference to an Organization piece, representing brand associated with the Product.   */  provider?: NodeRelation<Organization>}
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