• Type: defineComment(input?: Comment)
    Describes a review. Usually in the context of an Article or a WebPage.
  • Component: SchemaOrgComment (see how components work)

Required properties

  • text string
    Content of the comment
  • author Person
    The registered author is moved to a root Schema node, resolving the field as reference to a Person.


  • @type: Comment
  • @id: ${canonicalUrl}#/schema/comment/${hash(node)}
  • about: Article reference


  • author will be resolved as root nodes and referenced


See the blog recipe for more examples.


defineComment({  text: 'This is really cool!',  author: {    name: 'Harlan Wilton',    url: '',  }})


export interface CommentSimple extends Thing {  /**   * The textual content of the comment, stripping HTML tags.   */  text: string  /**   *  A reference by ID to the parent Article (or WebPage, when no Article is present).   */  about?: IdReference  /**   * A reference by ID to the Person who wrote the comment.   */  author: NodeRelation<Person>}