• Type: defineBook(input?: Book)
    Describes a Book.
  • Component: SchemaOrgBook (see how components work)


export interface BookSimple extends Thing {  /**   * The title of the book.   */  name: string  /**   * A description of the course. Display limit of 60 characters.   */  description?: string  /**   *  A reference to an Organization piece, representing brand associated with the Product.   */  author?: NodeRelation<Identity>  /**   * The URL on your website where the book is introduced or described.   */  url?: string  /**   * The URL of a reference page that identifies the work. For example, a Wikipedia, Wikidata, VIAF, or Library of Congress page for the book.   */  sameAs?: Arrayable<string>  /**   * The edition(s) of the work.   */  workExample: NodeRelations<BookEdition>}type BookFormat = OptionalSchemaOrgPrefix<'AudiobookFormat'> | OptionalSchemaOrgPrefix<'EBook'> | OptionalSchemaOrgPrefix<'Hardcover'> | OptionalSchemaOrgPrefix<'Paperback'>export interface BookEditionSimple extends Thing {  /**   * The title of the edition. Only use this when the title of the edition is different from the title of the work.   */  name?: string  /**   * The format of the edition.   */  bookFormat: BookFormat  /**   * The main language of the content in the edition. Use one of the two-letter codes from the list of ISO 639-1 alpha-2 codes.   */  inLanguage?: string  /**   * The ISBN-13 of the edition. If you have ISBN-10, convert it into ISBN-13.   */  isbn: string  /**   * The action to be triggered for users to purchase or download the book.   */  potentialAction?: Arrayable<ReadAction | any>  /**   * The author(s) of the edition.   */  author?: NodeRelations<Identity>  /**   * The edition information of the book. For example, 2nd Edition.   */  bookEdition?: string  /**   * The date of publication of the edition in YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY format. This can be either a specific date or only a specific year.   */  datePublished?: ResolvableDate  /**   * The external or other ID that unambiguously identifies this edition. Multiple identifiers are allowed. For more details, refer to PropertyValue (identifier).   */  identifier?: unknown  /**   * The URL of a reference web page that unambiguously indicates the edition. For example, a Wikipedia page for this specific edition. Don't reuse the sameAs of the Work.   */  sameAs?: Arrayable<string>  /**   * The URL on your website where the edition is introduced or described. It can be the same as   */  url?: string}
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