for Site Search

If your site offers a search function, you may like to define markup to help Google understand it.

Define a Search Action

To provide a search action for your WebSite, you need to insert a SearchAction in potentialAction.

To make configuring this easier, the function defineSearchAction is provided.

Make sure that you set place {search_term_string} somewhere in your URL. This represents a query a user would be searching for.

This markup should go in your root Schema definition.

Composition API
useSchemaOrg([  defineWebSite({    potentialAction: [     defineSearchAction({       target: '/search?q={search_term_string}'     })    ]  })])
Component API
<template>  <SchemaOrgWebsite    :potentialAction="[ defineSearchAction({ target: '/search?q={search_term_string}' }) ]"  /></template>

Define your Search Results Page

Using your WebPage Schema, you can define the page as a search results page.

Composition API
useSchemaOrg([  defineWebPage({    '@type': ['CollectionPage', 'SearchResultsPage'],  })])
Component API
<template>  <SchemaOrgWebPage :type="['CollectionPage', 'SearchResultsPage']" /></template>