User Config

Note that these options may be provided differently depending on your integration.


  • type: string
  • default: window.location.origin

The production URL of your site. This allows the client to generate all URLs for you and is important to set correctly.


  • type: string
  • default: en

Will set the isLanguage to this value for any Schema which uses it. Should be a valid language code, i.e en-AU


  • defaultCurrency: string
    • default: undefined

    Will set the priceCurrency for Product Offer Schema. Should be a valid currency code, i.e AUD


interface UserConfig {  /**   * Whether to inject the scripts at the end of the body or in the head.   */  tagPosition?: 'body' | 'head'  host: string  url?: string  path?: string  currency?: string  image?: string  inLanguage?: string  title?: string  description?: string  datePublished?: Date | string  dateModified?: Date | string}